Nina Schuiki

© Nina Schuiki

The slide projection Notes on Duration invokes light silhouettes of building openings such as windows and doors, casting them onto the walls and floors of interior spaces. Nina Schuiki collects these ephemeral moments in the light archive of the same name that she has kept for years. In addition to referencing the moment of photographic recording, the registering of these light surfaces is also a cartography of space and time, which the artist primarily documents on her travels and in her urban explorations. 

By re-presenting a (slide) projection in actual spaces in the present, the quondam incidence of light generates spatial layers that refer to a range of different contexts. By varying the projection, the artist gives the light silhouettes a palpable presence: the natural incidence of light becomes a dialogue partner and an actor in its own right. The minimal intervention in the exhibition space gives a stage to what is, in reality, fleeting and in a state of constant flux. Presence and absence interlock in a unique way for the duration of the exhibition.

Akiko Bernhöft 


In the exhibition:

Nina Schuiki
Notes On Duration, 2014
Nr. 1–3
Series of photographs
Fine art prints
Each 50 × 40 cm
Courtesy of the artist + Collection of the city of Graz


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